PTY1002 Hot and Cold Therapy E-learning Week


Welcome to PTY1002 e-learning week!

Hurrrah no class!
Afraid not. For that week, it will be an e-learning week. The e-learning week has 3 components:
1) Online Lecture
2) 360 video assessment
3) Scenario based assessment
4) Student module feedback

1. Online lecture

Objective: To familiarize yourself with the theory needed for the application

Yes, there will be an online lecture! It will be streamed live at the same time as our usual lecture. What can you expect from it? Check out the video here: Online Lecture Introduction

The online lecture is streamed in this channel: Online Lecture Channel

2. 360 video assessment

Objective: To introduce the application of hot and cold therapy through the 360 video. To assess understanding of each student with a peer assessment rubric.

Once the online lecture is over, this assessment commenced! Break up into pairs and group of threes. Once that’s done, EVERYONE watch the 360 video. Next, one person will act out the practice that was taught in the video and the other will assess his/her performance using the rubric provided.

Please watch the 360 video first and use the EPA assessment rubric to grade your partner before attempting the video scenario test.

Oh! Please do collect your Google cardboard before the e-learning week to watch the 360 video or you can use without it.

360 video
EPA assessment rubric

360 video QR code

3. Scenario based assessment

Objective: To assess understanding of the student on the practice they learned in the 360 video assessment and the practical lab in different scenario

Great! We are almost done with the e-learning week. Final task is the scenario-based assessment. For this assessment, you will be presented with a series of scenario videos. For each scenario video, select the option you think which best resolves the scenario. There is unlimited tries to it so good luck!

Video Scenario Test

4. Module feedback form

Objective: To evalulate the module base on the E-learning

last but not least! we have a module feedback form for you to evaluate. Thanks for the evaluation!

Module feedback form